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Professional Insurance Review

Are you paying too much for Insurance?  Are you properly covered?  Have you looked at your insurance plan lately?

When was the last time that you set down with an insurance professional and looked over your current plan?  Maybe the last time you went to the dentist?  If it has been over a year it would be a good idea to look it over.


Life changes, so does your coverage needs and how do you know if you are getting the BEST RATE that there is?  Are you missing out on discounts?  

Come get a Professional Review and find out if there are any gaps

What is included in the Review

  • Professional Review of all current coverages

  • Detailed comparison of current and proper coverage's based on your individual circumstance

  • Breakdown of all discounts that you are eligible for

  • Ways to improve your rate and steps to take

  • Regular annual reviews

  • Planning and coordination in advanced areas – insurance, tax, estate.

  • Coordination with your accountant & attorney as needed.

What is the Price of the Review