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How do you pay for college without robbing your retirement or without going into massive amount of student loan debt.  You approach it differently then what has been done before.

Our process is a six step approach.  Through each of these steps we will guide and direct you in order to eliminate all the headaches that surround college funding.

College Funding is a process and we won't to make sure you don't have any missteps in the process.  We don't have the magic sauce or any secret recipe, we just know and understand the process so well that you will come away with a personalized plan that will fit your situation and show you how to pay for all four years of college down to the penny.

What is included in the Plan

  • Project-style financial plan created & delivered in four meetings over a 30-day period.

  • Address key planning needs of college affordability, retirement planning, and investment strategy.

  • Goals-based approach means no budget required!

  • Full implementation of your initial plan’s action items on your behalf.

  • College affordability advice – aid projections, FAFSA filing, net cost comparison, award evaluations, and loan decisions.

  • Regular six-month progress meetings to review your situation, adjust your plan and provide accountability.

  • Planning and coordination in advanced areas – insurance, tax, estate.

  • Coordination with your accountant & attorney as needed.